My passion is to work with people who are convinced they can't practice yoga for various reasons.  Maybe you think you're too inflexible, maybe you're intimidated by the class setting, maybe you have an injury, maybe you think you're too old to try something new, maybe the beginner classes you go to aren't really beginner, maybe you got injured because of yoga, etc.  I work privately with clients to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy the practice.  As one of my teachers says, "If you can breathe, you can practice yoga."  My goal is always to help students understand their bodies' potential, limitations, and ways to modify their practice to safely engage in a deeper practice that is fit for their unique bodies.  I offer single sessions and competitively priced packages.  Feel free to contact me about pricing and any other questions.


Interested in introducing yoga to your workplace?  Book me for a 1 hour workshop where I guide you and your co-workers through a short yoga class, explain why movement is so important, and show you
how to incorporate more of it throughout the workday.