credit: Mick Minard/REI

credit: Mick Minard/REI

Welcome!  If you don't find what you're looking for among the pages of my site, please don't hesitate to reach out to me directly.

Who I Am:  I'm 33 years young with a former career in the food and beverage industry under my belt.  I grew up in Macon, Georgia, lived by the beach in Charleston, SC for a few years, explored Argentina for a few months before settling in New York City in 2012.  I love to travel and cook, am obsessed with cats, and live with my partner in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn.  

How I Found Yoga: I found my way into my first yoga class in Charleston, SC, in 2009 right after my 24th birthday.  A strenuous move into a new apartment in conjunction with years of working on my feet as well as being an on-and-off runner, finally culminated into the infamous plague of lower back pain.  My mother, an avid yoga practitioner, encouraged me into my first class, and needless to say, my back pain disappeared.  A teacher once told me, "For most people, the reason they first sign up for a yoga class is not the reason they keep coming back."  That was definitely the case for me. While the physical benefits were (and are) incredible, I also began to understand myself with an enlightening sense of awareness.  I maintained and on and off relationship with yoga until moving to New York.  To balance the chaos and pressures of the big city, yoga became essential to my wellbeing.  I hold amazement at how the practice has something to teach us every single day if we remain open to the opportunity--a limitless resource for self inquiry, and discovery, and growth.   

Why I Teach: I'm consistently blown away with how the movement of our bodies and breath is integral to our physical and mental health and I love exploring that idea with others.  I love the fact that every single person who walks into the classroom lives in a unique body and holds a unique relationship to his/her body which deserves a unique approach.  I love encouraging students to engage in movement practices that can sustain freedom and function in their everyday lives.   We're also living in a time where chronic pain is almost inevitable--we're living longer, sitting more, and enduring sky high levels of stress.  I'm passionate about spreading the idea that exploring our relationship to pain and injury (and how to deal with it) is an absolutely essential component to our health, and the beauty is that this relationship organically evolves with learning to move in an embodied way.

What I Offer: For my one-on-one clients, my goal is to be a guide to anyone willing to embark on movement journey that will ultimately lead to a better way of life.  You may be thinking, "I thought she's a yoga teacher."  Well yes, yoga IS the journey.  The poses are just specific shapes in which we've chosen to hold our bodies.  They can offer a lot of information if we're willing to listen, but there are also limitless movement patterns and shapes to explore that can provide feedback from which to grow.  All of this is yoga.  Please visit my contact page and connect with me directly for more information.

In the group class settings,  I seek to encourage each student to explore his or her own body uniquely.  Using the breath to ensure a grounded physical and meditative practice, I aim to provide students with the tools to discover the relationship between growth and surrender in their bodies and minds. Please refer to my current weekly public class schedule.

I teach weekly corporate classes where I aim to provide an hour's worth of mental relief from work stress and physical relief from sitting at a desk for hours at a time.  I also offer a workshop designed to give desk employees the tools to move throughout the day and the education on why this is so important. Please contact me through Speakizi if you're interested in this workshop. 

Training: I'm an RYT 200 Hour Yoga Alliance certified instructor through Jata Veda Yoga in Brooklyn, NY. I have additionally trained almost 300 additional hours with Leslie Kaminoff at The Breathing Project. I am a certified Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist, I work closely with Jenn Pilotti of BeWell Personal Training as one of her mentees, and I will be embarking on a 300 Hour training next year from a teacher who has hugely influenced career thus far, Jules Mitchell of Yoga Biomechanics.