"Alia is an extraordinarily intelligent, thoughtful and skilled teacher.  I am often humbled and amazed in particular by her understanding and concern for alignment (and thus injury care and prevention); similarly she has a unique gift for providing and allowing modifications of poses without ever making someone feel self conscious or limited.  In a sea of yoga instructors, she stands out for being completely engaged and committed to the practice - she shares that with her students with a remarkably humble spirit.  It makes you as a student feel that she is exploring and uncovering the practice along with you, all the while allowing you to benefit from her years of experience."
                                                                                                                                                                    Amelia Shogan

"I am a retired programmer with stenosis of the back, and severe leg pain. I went the standard medical route of seeing a pain specialist, a surgeon who administered a single shot for the back with an urging of two follow up shots. Along the way I tried various other various other doctors who suggested physical therapy, which worked for a short period of time and acupuncture,  which didn't. My wife suggested yoga.  I have worked with Ms. Bisat for several private lessons, and will be continuing. I spend my days no longer in the severe pain that prevented me from enjoying concerts, theater, and even wonderful dinners out. I find Ms. Bisat accommodating to my individual needs and willing to tailor my lessons to them. Her yoga exercises have been extremely helpful."
                                                                                                                                                                      Alan Polinsky

"Alia is an amazing teacher who leads you to the true core of yoga. With her deep knowledge of anatomy and alignment, she pushes you to move beyond conventional thinking and explore and learn about your body. She has helped me develop a yoga practice that meets my personal needs. Her classes are always interesting and challenging, and often transformational. Alia is a special teacher not to be missed."
                                                                                                                                                                      Stephen Tosh