Work with me to feel stronger in your body, more confident in your movements, more empowered in your everyday life.

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Movement Coaching: Imagine a personal training session that trains your awareness of how you move while getting you stronger.  Imagine the focused attention of a physical therapist, but without the 6-week limit or the boring exercises, and with faster progress.  Imagine the support of a health coach, but instead of food, we’re focusing on movement—determining a movement diet that makes sense for your goals and that increases your quality of life.  Now, imagine all of these components existing within one relationship. 

That’s what I offer:
A comprehensive approach to moving more,
getting stronger, and alleviating pain.

My Approach: I draw from a blend of various modalities and perspectives—yoga, nervous system regulation techniques, strength and conditioning, musculoskeletal mobility training, motor control learning, and pain science. Most importantly, my approach stems from the perspective that the human body is inherently strong, remarkably adaptive, and has a high capacity for healing.

A Different Perspective: Have you or anyone you know ever been told that pain is just a part of aging? That because you have a herniated disc you should never round your back? That if you sprain your ankle you should rest it for several days? That your MRI shows you have the hips of an 80-year old even though you’re only 50?
What if I told you there was another way? What if I told you that a lot of the information out there is actually poorly supported in the scientific literature? More progressive perspectives are emerging from what we do know. Some of the leading scientists, researchers, and therapists in the world are offering a new paradigm, one that promotes resilience instead of fear-mongering. That’s the perspective from which I offer guidance. Curious yet? Email me here.