New Paths and Guinea Pigs

Possibly the biggest challenge of venturing into a path called Movement Coaching is that it’s an undefined path. There are a million ways to go about it, and a simple degree is not one of those ways. (I could choose to go to Physical Therapy school, but for a lot of reasons I won’t detail here, it’s not the best approach for me and would still leave me in search of a more well rounded approach to working with someone and his/her movement lifestyle.)

That leaves me piecing together my own education from various teachers, training programs, and clinicians. It’s SO overwhelming! I mean, Instagram alone has exposed me to more possible educational tools than I could possibly know what to do with, let alone word of mouth, and umm . . . a thing called Google.

It would be incredibly easy to get lost in the abyss of learning without applying; taking training after training, certification after certification, but with little actual experience to apply and test out the theories, methodologies, and approaches. I need practice.

I recently attended a seminar introducing an approach and some assessment tools put together by a chiropractor out of California. By far, the most useful learning tool of the whole day was splitting up into groups and applying the freshly learned principles to one another and to various case studies we were given. This is how we learn. This is how doctors of all kinds are trained, this is how mentorships work. Real time application and the trial and error that comes with it build confidence and a comprehensive toolbox.

So, I’m calling on YOU for help. I’m offering FREE (yes free) one on one sessions to anyone who:
1. has a chronic injury and/or pain and wants to heal said injury and/or pain
2. is willing to commit to at least a couple of weeks of consistent daily work to see results.
3. is willing to travel to Carroll Gardens or Red Hook for the sessions
4. has tried physical therapy and it didn’t work or can’t afford physical therapy at this time
5. doesn’t have an injury but wants to get stronger in a particular area of the body or activity.

To start, I’m opening up my time for 5 people. Each person will receive three 30 minute sessions (that MUST be scheduled over a 5 week period). Please email me through my contact page with any questions or to schedule your first session!

Still wondering exactly what we’ll be doing? Think of a mash up of: simple awareness practices that might resemble yoga, specific coordination and strength exercises that might resemble physical therapy, kettlebell weight training, TRX, and resistance bands that might resemble a personal training protocol, and any other methodology or exercise that may be applicable to your situation. My goal throughout the process is to not only address whatever you’re coming in with, but to help you understand something about your body that empowers you to continue moving in the ways you want to move. There will be lots of give and take, a lot of opportunity for you to give me feedback, and best of all, my mentor will be working with me to make sure you don’t regret being my guinea pig!

I look forward to working with you!